Monday, June 24, 2013

We're home!

We have just arrived at FBC! It has been an awesome trip.

Be sure to attend the trip report Wednesday evening on July 24. We will be presenting the entire trip in detail with pictures and new video.

Be sure to check the Flickr set again later for a bunch of new pictures taken this weekend (

Stuck at truck stop at 12:15 AM (Video)

This morning at 12:15 AM we stopped at a truck stop to check on a radiator hose. After diagnosing the problem, the mechanics sent for a replacement. Meanwhile, everyone on that bus had to remain inside the store/restaurant until it was fixed at 2:30 AM. Students were playing cards, sleeping in booths, and snaking on food. When it was fixed, we were quickly on our way and did not have any more problems.

This morning we are eating breakfast at a Cracker Barrel in Florence, Kentucky.

We should be home be home between 2:00 and 3:00 PM this afternoon. See you then!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Crossed into the USA

We had an awesome time today at Niagara Falls.

Both busses have just crossed the boarder into the U.S.

We will be driving through the night toward Huntsville. Arrival time tomorrow (Monday) TBA.

More pictures and videos from Saturday and Sunday to come.

Mission Team at Niagara Falls (Not everyone can be seen in this picture)

At Niagara Falls (Video)

We are having an awesome day at and around Niagara Falls!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Finishing work at camp (Video)

Today, each team put the finishing touches on their projects. As one team finished, they moved projects and assisted another team.

This evening, we enjoyed all enjoyed the finished prayer trail and the revamped outdoor fire-pit/theater as the we made s'mores and the community/creative ministry team preformed for the entire group.

Tomorrow morning at 8:00 we leave for Niagara Falls, stopping Saturday night at a local hotel.


Camp Kwasind Promotional Video

This video was just one product of media team's work this week.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Student Update - Work day 4

Today, the variety team traveled to two retirement homes, one of which was the largest one yet. At the second, over 80 residents attended. Each resident touched us in a different way, between the former musician who preformed guitar and sang for us to the man going around in his wheelchair asking all of us to sign his petition. We had two highly successful shows and touched the lives of many of the locals as they have touched ours. One of the ladies even told me that our youth have restored her faith in our generation through our friendly personalities and how close we were to God. We are all thankful for that experience.

- Keana Swanner

Beachfront Team (Video)

The beachfront team enlisted the assistance of the entire camp to move the pier back to its foundation

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Eating in Huntsville, Ontario

Tonight, Wednesday, we are are spending the evening in Huntsville, Ontario. We thought we would go from one Huntsville to another Huntsville. Or you could say, we went from the Rocket City Huntsville to the Muskoka Huntsville.

We bombarded a town of 18,500 people with 110 Americans to eat, shop, and browse the streets. Our group divided up to eat at three different restaurants - Louis II, The Little Place Under the Lights, and Crabby Joe's. Then, we enjoyed the best hand-scooped ice cream at The Nutty Chocolatier. Some stopped in a couple of stores that stayed open past normal closing time for us. We thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality of our Canadian Huntsvillians.

Here is our group in front of the Town Hall of Huntsville.

Cabin Construction Update (Video)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Student Update - Work Day 2

Today began an amazing second day of serving at Camp Kwasind. Everyone worked so hard today. My personal group finished up the flooring of a new porch for one of the cabins that campers will be able to use when they come later in the summer. Today was also the first day that a group of students went out into the community of Ontario to visit two nursing homes. From what I heard it went wonderfully and everyone had an absolute blast. Also,from what I’ve seen throughout these past two days of work is how serving has brought everyone closer together. I personally have gotten the opportunity to interact with adults and students whom I have never interacted with before. I also got the chance to be in a work group with some awesome students and adults. I can confidently say that Jerry Miller has helped me become a master with a circular saw! I can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow and I also can’t wait to see how God works in everyone here and the people our group comes to meet.

- Amanda Clark

Chaperone Update - Work Day #2

To:  all the folks at home who have family in Canada.

You can all be so proud and thankful for you family members  who are here in Canada this week!
Some of their experiences include:
Laughing out loud
Eating camp food
Canoeing for the first time
Donating blood to mosquitos
Singing praise songs
Snacking on junk food
Learning to hammer and nail construction materials
Praying for each other
“Chilling” in their cold temp cabins
Making new friends
Growing from the wisdom and experience of older adults
Serving meals to each other
Creating a prayer trail
Praising, loving, worshiping and thanking God
See you next Monday with teens and adults who have changed a camp for the better and maybe changed ourselves for the better too.

- Elaine Leffel, a proud and thankful Canadian mission team member

Creative team's premier variety show (Video)