Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Student Update - Work Day 2

Today began an amazing second day of serving at Camp Kwasind. Everyone worked so hard today. My personal group finished up the flooring of a new porch for one of the cabins that campers will be able to use when they come later in the summer. Today was also the first day that a group of students went out into the community of Ontario to visit two nursing homes. From what I heard it went wonderfully and everyone had an absolute blast. Also,from what I’ve seen throughout these past two days of work is how serving has brought everyone closer together. I personally have gotten the opportunity to interact with adults and students whom I have never interacted with before. I also got the chance to be in a work group with some awesome students and adults. I can confidently say that Jerry Miller has helped me become a master with a circular saw! I can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow and I also can’t wait to see how God works in everyone here and the people our group comes to meet.

- Amanda Clark