Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chaperone Update - Work Day #2

To:  all the folks at home who have family in Canada.

You can all be so proud and thankful for you family members  who are here in Canada this week!
Some of their experiences include:
Laughing out loud
Eating camp food
Canoeing for the first time
Donating blood to mosquitos
Singing praise songs
Snacking on junk food
Learning to hammer and nail construction materials
Praying for each other
“Chilling” in their cold temp cabins
Making new friends
Growing from the wisdom and experience of older adults
Serving meals to each other
Creating a prayer trail
Praising, loving, worshiping and thanking God
See you next Monday with teens and adults who have changed a camp for the better and maybe changed ourselves for the better too.

- Elaine Leffel, a proud and thankful Canadian mission team member